The Modern Sensei

The Modern Sensei is the dream of founding partner Rowan Sanderson to create a harmonious collaboration of Professional Practitioners, embracing an integrated, functional and holistic approach to health.

All of this with the end goal of better serving, educating and guiding our clients back to the health they deserve. 

Because its time to start living better lives. 

Rowan Sanderson – Founding Partner

Rowan’s ultimate obsession is “Why?” followed by “How can we fix this”?

If something is not functioning as it should or as it can, then Rowan will dig down to the root cause of malfunction to better set it right. 

And this is the credo of all those at the Modern Sensei. 

Having nurtured a lifelong passion for better understanding nutrition and its impact on both health & longevity, it was only when his own health was seriously compromised that Rowan completely immersed his energies into the field of Functional Medicine to realise its benefits and heal himself

After finding little recourse in the field of conventional medicine & refusing to accept the repeated vague and unscientific diagnoses, he was inspired by one of the leading lights in Functional Medicine, Chris Kresser to adopt a new approach to healing himself. One that leveraged of the latest scientific research and developments in laboratory testing. One that sees symptoms as common but never normal and utilises these symptoms as would a Detective to narrow down on the root causes of his illness.

Whilst successfully re-finding his own health, Rowan was inspired to totally retrain & change careers with the goal of bringing Functional Medicine, Health & Wellness to others as a force for positive. 

Rowan graduated from the Institute for Transformational Nutrition, qualified as a Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, more recently as one of the first ever Bulletproof Coaches globally from the Bulletproof Training Academy  and currently has the pleasure of training with one of the people who initially inspired him to health, Chris Kresser from the California Centre for Functional Medicine.

Sam Guest – Senior Consultant

Sam Guest

For 10 years Sam have been chasing the dream of peak performance. As a professional extreme sports/adventure coach he’s always been looking for the edge for himself and to pass along to his clients so that they learn faster and with less effort.

It wasn’t until he faced his own health challenges and had to dig deep into everything he had learned that he was able to fully develop this knowledge. With the help of FDN and a healthy dose of biohacking, he was able to come out the either side stronger and in better health than he has ever been.

It is now his goal to pass on this knowledge to the rest of the world and meeting Rowan over their shared passion of Kitesurfing, The Modern Sensei seemed the perfect vehicle to do it.