The Modern Sensei Introduces its Executive Wellness Retreat

The Well-Being Safari

4th – 11th May & 7th – 14th September 2019

The Modern Sensei was born out of desire to bring the very best Functional Healthcare to clients.

By integrating the very best in lab technology with a functional & holistic approach, based on the latest research, we aim to give you the tools to transform your life, for the rest of your life.

The Retreat

Based on either the world-famous Algarve coast or in the beautiful Spanish national park our stunning villas provide you with 5-star facilities.

On the retreat your private chef can ensure that any dietary requirement or request is met whilst our expert staff, using cutting edge laboratory testing, functional medicine, nutrition, supplementation and Olympic level sports and movement coaching, will construct you and individualised well-being plan.

Massage and sports therapy will be available daily for you to address that niggle you’ve been ignoring for such a long time.

During a typical day you will be taken through your initial screening findings, learning what could change, how it would benefit you and how you can transformation it. The Big Five sessions will help to embed this new knowledge providing you with a base from which to facilitate real change.

It is important to mention here that LED screens are not encouraged in any of the communal areas and we would ask, if possible, that you turn them off for the duration of your stay with us.

Eight weeks or so before the retreat you will receive a welcome pack containing all the information you require including some ideas on what to pack. This pack will also contain a DUTCH testing kit with prepaid postage and instructions on where to send it. Completing this test provides us with vital information so we can individually structure your plan. We will also provide you with direction for diet adaptation 3-4 weeks before you arrive at the retreat so we can optimise your state whilst you are here.

The Location


Casa Dalia & its small adjoining house the Snug,  is collectively a 4 double bedroom 5 bathroom property sleeping up to 10 guests nestled in the spectacular Tarifa countryside .  It is ideal for our retreat having private areas within a communal property.

This ‘home from home ‘comprises of two buildings, the main house  Casa Dalia, and the Snug.  It has a fully equipped gymnasium, sauna, outdoor bath tub, and a 20m salt water pool with a shaded wading pool. Both houses have their own kitchen, bathrooms and utility facilities, and there is also an out door BBQ for al fresco dining.

The view from Casa Dalia  sweeps down the full Strait of Gibraltar with crystal clear views of Africa on the other side. The views from this beautiful property are a key feature, along with the spectacular location offering peace and tranquillity.  The house has discrete access from the road, but is within a 10 minute drive of Tarifa town. Casa Dalia is 35 min drive from Gibraltar airport or just over 1 hour from Malaga airport.


The Arrival Day

Depending on when you land, we intend to help relax you from the moment you arrive.

Optional activities include:

  • A lot of relaxing around the pool whilst being fed and enlightened.
  • Massage
  • Acroyoga/ Yoga  class
  • Infra-red sauna (option with CBD oil vaporised in a nebuliser)
  • Heart Math, mindfulness discussion with exercises for “heart coherence”
  • Beautifully nutritious locally sourced meals that both satisfy and heal.
  • Walks on the local beaches with views of Africa and the Atlas.
  • Guided gym sessions
  • Movement awareness classes
  • Also available are a variety of more adventurous activities including kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddling, as energy and time allow.

A Typical Day

  • Rise around 7:30
  • 7:30-8:30 – Next generation nutrition – breakfast introducing bulletproof coffee / tea / hot chocolate & supplements
  • 8:30 – 9:30 – Movement class with physio/trainer or Acroyoga incorporating weights, strength and the outdoors
  • 10:00 – Coffee/Tea with collagen and gelatine for females with hormone issues or anyone with thyroid/adrenal concern
  • 10:30 – 11:30 – Interactive Knowledge Session 1 Covering one of the below per day:
    1. DIET
    2. REST
    4. STRESS
    5. SUPPLEMENTATION – General and Performance
  • 11:45 – Refreshments around the pool
  • 12:30-14:30 – Relaxation – Infrared sauna, treatments, massage, physio or simply pool
  • 15:00-16:00 Interactive Knowledge Session 2 on the subject of the day
  • 16:30 – Beach walk, team building activities, SUP, swim with guidance, physio or treatment
  • 18:30 – Retreat Centre for Relaxation before dinner
  • 20:30 – Bed – Dinner outdoors watching the sun set with a chance to chat through the day’s events

And at any point whatsoever, you can simply lie around the pool and chill out. Let’s call it looking after your cortisol.

Individual sessions analysing of your DUTCH test results will also be included into the above through the week.

Now, let’s get to the important bit….’The Big Five’


1 Diet

Tuned to perfection over the last 3 years in The Modern Sensei Functional Medicine and Nutrition Clinic, we optimise an array of clients from professional athletes and actors to those simply struggling with weight loss (no more struggle please!), improving cholesterol markers and getting people into the shape of their lives.

We use an approach now being researched in the quest for longevity, fighting cancer and curing auto-immune disease, yes, all whilst improving blood markers, recovery time and body composition. Feel great, look great.

Its high antioxidant, low inflammation, helps lower likelihood of disease, increase likelihood of longevity, improves mental and physical performance and banishes brain fog.

It is currently exclusive to patients of the Modern Sensei.

A sneak preview, on this retreat you will probably be eating a lot more “calories’ than you envisage, a lot more satisfying foods and you will have somewhere between minimal to zero cravings. You will feel full, satiated, happier and relaxed around food.

The truth….

You can never outrun a bad diet!

So, why deal with the symptoms of what you eat when you can address; what to, when to and how to, simply, effectively and permanently.

Throw away the concept of calories and the headache of monitoring macros.

Throw away scales and indulge whilst improving your health.

We take you through some easily digested bite size seminars on what you think you know about diet is probably wrong.

  • How you should be eating more but only at certain times of the day
  • The facts and fiction about fats.

Our diet does work for everyone. It has worked for everyone, it will work for everyone. We will use this week to titrate it specifically for you and empower you around your own food for the rest of your life. Easy.

2 Rest

Want to get more return on your exercise investment?

Want to improve testosterone?

Natural growth hormone?


Want to burn more fat?

And feel better whilst you do it?

We explain how sleep can be the doorway to all of these goals and how to achieve deeper most restful sleep, consistently.

We will show you how to boost your hormones and regulate your daily clock with daylight, employ infra-red saunas to improve detoxification and recovery and improve resilience to everyday demands.

3 Exercise

One size fits all….?

Never has this been more misleading than in the domain of exercise. Getting stronger can mean resting more as much as exercising more.

We will show you how to get the most from your effort whilst also taking you through a comprehensive movement plan to improve mobility, decrease likelihood of injury and keep you active for longer and stronger

4 Stress Reduction

If stress is the root cause of all disease then this is pure gold. Stress covers areas way beyond our mental or emotional stressors.

We show you how to identify; physical, emotional, environmental and internal stressors and simply remove them at source.

Simple techniques for daily practice will change your longevity indicators in under a minute and keep you ticking like a well-tuned engine without over revving! This will leave you able to make empowered smarter decisions that will impact your own life and that of those around you.

You can be the force for positive change.

Day 5: Supplementation

Want to grow new brain cells?

Want to explore nootropics and improve performance in the boardroom and the bedroom?

We open the tool box and show you how…

Whether its basic immune system support, reducing brain fog or aiding recovery we have access to and knowledge of the latest , the greatest and the most effective methods at radically improving your supplementation and with it your health. All of these areas effortlessly support healthy weight loss, or more specifically, body fat loss. We are all about reducing body fat whilst we focus on more fun topics.

And we’re not done at goodbye…..

Our aim for this retreat is to change your life, and continue changing it. Should you wish to, our consultants are available to provide ongoing testing and video conferencing long after your retreat has ended to ensure that your improvement is permanent and powerful

One of many testimonials


“Just when I thought I had reached and peaked at my fitness goals and my all around general health, The Modern Sensei and its founding partner Rowan Sanderson, opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Rowan and his practice get down to the nitty gritty, the root cause of what might be holding you back, what could be stopping you from reaching your full potential and more.

Using a fine toothcomb, scientifically proven, state of art, cutting edge techniques in diagnostic holistic functional medicine, and supplementation of the highest quality.

Everything is specially tailored and designed specifically for your individual health needs and goals, giving you a blueprint to take you to another level you could not dream possible. I’ve been nothing but astounded at the progress and improvements I’ve made to my life, a level of performance that has surpassed a much younger me, a clarity that I’ve never experienced before, and ultimately and more importantly paving the way for greater health and longevity.

I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail. Truly!”

Booking and Cost

The cost for this exclusive retreat is £2950 including all transfers, 7 nights’ accommodation, specialist fees, complete hormone testing by DUTCH Precision Analytical, meals and optional supplements whilst at the venue (Flights are not included).

If you are interested in knowing more then don’t hesitate as places are restricted.

Click here to email us…

It’s time to start living life better.

Where You’ll Be Staying