What To Expect

Here at the Modern Sensei we keep things simple and highly effective. 

Expect exactly that from our process. 

  • For all new clients we schedule two hours. This session will be split between two 1 hour sessions.
  • Before the first session you will complete a comprehensive set of health evaluation forms and medical history, all of which will be shared with you securely via dropbox. These will help identify clues as to your underlying stressors and causes of the symptoms you wish to address. 
  • In the first 60 minutes we will listen to your 3 main health complaints and agree the laboratory tests required, to better guide us with your protocol. 
  • At this point we will also provide you with a 30 day reset diet and lifestyle plan, as well as some supplementation to improve both your symptoms and your health, regardless of the lab results.
  • Once the labs have been complete and the results are back, we will contact you to schedule your next 60 minutes where we will analyse the results and provide you with your comprehensive 12 week program to better health. 
  • Any subsequent consultations can be arranged on a one off basis as required.
  • During this twelve week period you are fully supported by our practice and we encourage you to contact us for any further guidance required, questions, or clarification. Your success is our success and we are here to help you achieve. 
  • WARNING : Please be fully aware now that this process requires your complete commitment. If you are ready to invest in your health and prepared to commit then this process is for you. This is not for those looking for a magic pill. We are thorough, comprehensive and holistic and no stone will be left unturned. Similarly expect total commitment from our team.