What We Do

At The Modern Sensei we specialise in taking high performers to the next level.

Whether you’re a CEO of a thriving company, a professional poker player looking for the edge, an athlete wanting to get ahead of the pack or simply want to perform at a higher level in everything you do.

Mixing ancient wisdom with the very latest in self-quantification, biohacking techniques and supported by the very latest laboratory testing to enable us to maximise your results using cutting edge science. We identify and work with your individual biomarkers to create a program that is truly unique to you.

We then enhance this with intelligent supplementation, physical and mental optimisation, carefully individualised nutrition and advanced recovery techniques and to give you…

  • Crystal clear focus,
  • Upgraded mental stamina and agility.
  • Enhanced cognition.
  • Better memory.
  • Faster learning.
  • Energy to burn.

Oh and as a bonus, you’ll also look and feel better than ever before!